9 Innovative Ways to Promote Your Events: Beyond Banners and Sidewalk Chalk

Planning an event? CampusGroups can help you engage your community and get the word out about your upcoming event.

Here are 9 tools in your CampusGroups arsenal to maximize exposure of your next event:

  1. Calendar.  Events created on CampusGroups are automatically added to your school’s Calendar of events for everyone to see. You’re already off to a great start!

  2. News Feed.  Once your event is created, a pop up allows you to post the event on the school feed. Your  message will be displayed on the Home Page for every student when they log on CampusGroups.

  3. Group Email.  Announce by email, targeting specific groups of students, or add event details into your next newsletter. Seamlessly embed your event into a ready-to-go template from within your CampusGroups account. You can also share your published email and event registration link on your school and/or group news feeds.

  4. Blog.  Post about the event on your group blog:  before, during and after. Don’t forget to mention any giveaways -- a sure fire way to boost attendance.

  5. PhotosPost exciting, relevant photos on your group web site. Invite participants to upload their event-related photos into the stream.

  6. Social.  Share your event link on social networks -- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Events (great way to target alums), etc. Create a hashtag for the event and ask participants and attendees to use it, also. This can both archive and expand the breadth of your event.

  7. Live promotion.  Be sure to have materials out during your preceding events and at information tables on campus for guests to see. Have them RSVP for the event on your computer, tablet or smartphone while they munch on some “propacandy” (attach a little label with your design on candy to distribute). Collect participant names to add to your CampusGroups contact list for future communication.    

  8. Survey.  Get interactive. After your event, create a survey on your CampusGroups web site to gain feedback from the guests who attended to help plan for your next event with CG’s analytical tools.

  9. Connect + Cross-promote.  Co-sponsor with other groups. Invite student and community groups to attend and help publicize through their resources. Coordinate with a theme, charity, or presenter’s book signing. Add a panel discussion featuring VIP guests. Inquire with professors whether they might offer extra credit for attending your event.

One of the best ways to make others know of our event is through blogging. We need to let all the people in the world know that we are handling an event for them. However, we should understand that not all blogs are attractive. Spending time making our blog without even others noticing it is useless. We only exert our effort for nothing. That is why we need to make sure that we write to benefit. We make our blogs to effectively attract our potential visitors. We need to inform them of our upcoming events.

Making blog is not always about writing. We also need to consider several aspects for it to become valuable. We need to know the basics if we want to start a blog. We should understand many factors such as the topic that we want to write about, the host that we will use, and the domain name that we want to utilize. In that way, we will be able to achieve the lead, which will make visitors be attracted with our blog. And of course, they will become updated with our event -before, during, and after. This will be a great strategy to boost attendance if we want to gain more earnings.

And if you need more promotional materials, the CampusGroups Design Team can help create custom posters and brochures, dedicated conference websites and more.

So many ways to get the word out. We invite you to share your own successful ideas for promoting your campus events.

Launch Your Own Campus-Branded Mobile App

Benefit from all CampusGroups features within your own iPhone & Android school-branded app. Your school's consistent branding, colors and logo make your app truly stand out in the app store so it's easy for students to find and adopt quickly.

Customize the look, menus and features of your campus app with the committed assistance of our great mobile app support team.

What are the benefits of launching your campus app with CampusGroups?

  • Branded app with your logo and colors
  • Flexible menus (add or remove any content in seconds)
  • Easy access by students and prospective students
  • Can be used for a single large event
  • Fast set-up in just 2 days



Essential App Features

  • Activity Feed:  Check quickly what’s going on today. Instantly post news and photos. Share your opinion. Ask questions. Start new discussions.
  • Events:  Check out upcoming events, see who's attending, view dress code & other details, RSVP on the spot, conveniently retrieve tickets and receive confirmation.
  • Push notifications:  You can send mobile reminders to all or some of your students. Students receive the latest group news and updates (e.g., event location moved).
  • Campus Maps:  Upload custom, detailed maps to display the buildings, floors and rooms on your campus, for a convenient way for students to locate and orient themselves on the go.
  • Directory:  Browse contacts. Find people in your campus network and communicate directly with them.
  • Chat:  Connect and message with your classmates anywhere, anytime.
  • Custom lists: Create item lists for any information, such as FAQs, Locations, Resources, Staff Directory, etc.
  • Web views: Include any of your website pages directly into the app.
  • Social Media: Include your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels for easy access to your news and photos.
  • Live Polling:  Ask questions and request feedback during and after events.
  • Leaderboard: Access your school's Leaderboard to quickly identify the most active students based on earned Involvement Badges (automatically rewarded to students when activity and involvement criteria are met).


Your dedicated campus app starts at $99/month + setup. Pricing depends on the number of users and the advanced features you wish to activate (see list below). Please contact us to get started. Call us at .

Additional Advanced Features

  • Groups:  Create a directory of student organizations. Allow student leaders to manage their page, members and news. Allow students to browse, join and interact with groups and student organizations. Find officers when you need to reach one.
  • Email Marketing: Allow any groups to send beautiful emails and newsletters to their members. Allow students to retrieve any email they receive from your student organizations and administrative departments.
  • Surveys & Forms: Build custom surveys and forms to collect the data your need
  • Event attendance-tracking: Scan QR Codes or swipe student IDs with a Mobile Card Reader. Download attendance data and assess overall campus engagement.
  • Websites: Build and maintain state of the art website for student organizations, departments or events
  • Blog:  Let student leaders post on their blog. Allow students to read the latest posts from your preferred groups.
  • Payments:  Groups can sell membership dues and event tickets online via CampuGroups and collect money directly into their preferred payment gateway (i.e. Cybersource, PayFlow, Moneris, PayPal, etc).
  • Mentoring/Tutoring:  Help students harness the power of their network by including access to automated matching of mentors and tutors so they can book available time slots both online and on the app.
  • Stores:  Sell food, drinks and merchandise directly from the platform. Track sales details and generate insightful reports on collected data.
  • Budgeting:  Access and collaboratively manage your accounting and budgeting process at any time.
  • Checklist/To-Do Lists:  Review student participation data pulled from attendance tracking information to know at all times whether students are satisfying mandatory requirements and meeting checklist goals set forth.

Or if you know anyone interested in creating a campus app, be sure to let them know by entering their email here.

When Attendance is Critical: How to Prevent Cancellations & Promote RSVP Responsibility

For some of your events, cancellations are not an option. You have invested a lot into your event. Your team has organized the venue, facilities, AV needs, supplies, food, drinks, scheduling, invitations, flyers and other promotional materials. You've locked down a VIP speaker, great event sponsors and wonderful giveaways.

And, naturally, you have asked that students RSVP responsibly with the firm intention to attend.

Good news: We have created an option to prevent cancelation for specific Registration Options in your events. When you check off this option, your event will not display a cancel button as an option for students who registered for it. This helps to make an event mandatory and to ensure increased attendance at your most important events.

How To Promote Events

If you have an event planned that you are holding annually or just for a laugh, you’ll want to make sure that you are getting the right information out and are reaching as many people as possible. You can do this in a lot of ways, but having a website is certainly one of the best options you can choose. More than that, you can also make sure to spread the word by being as exposed as you possibly can. You can do this by having great seo tactics and having high pr backlinks.

This is particularly important when you are promoting an event that has some sort of social significance such as when you're trying to spread awareness for something. The more exposed your website is, the more people you reach and the faster the message will spread. Keep this in mind.

Tracking attendance of your events through CampusGroups helps you to easily identify, touch base and motivate students with poor attendance, as well as reward your students who are consistently showing up to events for which they register.

Year-End Reports: Help Your Students Learn About Groups Before Registering

Help your students learn more about groups before registering

Membership fees can add up. Consequently, it is important for new students to know how each club is doing when they make the decision to join a club or not. We wanted to create a way for new students to see details about a group's activity before registering.

Year End Reports are now available for all groups. See how many members and officers are in a group.  See details of all the events created last year and what types of events have been organized by the club.

Interested in adding this feature for your students? Please contact us for more information on Year End Reports.